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Unearthly Materials

We’ve created the first superconducting material that operates at room temperature and near-ambient pressure. In this century, superconducting materials will enable immense technological advancements — much like semiconductors gave rise to the digital revolution in the 20th century.

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Unearthly Materials was founded to produce those materials.

An Unearthly Materials scientist working with equipment.
An Unearthly Materials scientist in a lab coat.
Unearthly Materials team working at an optics table.
Unearthly Materials team working at a whiteboard

We have a record of revolutionary breakthroughs

Our team includes world-leading experts in high-pressure physics, quantum materials, and novel material discovery, all with an established record of pushing the envelope in their fields.

First observation of metallic hydrogen at high pressure, one of the ‘holy grails’ of physics
495 GPa
First observation of room temperature superconductivity in carbonaceous sulphur hydride
288 K at 270 GPa
Synthesis of first binary compound superconducting at close to the freezing point of water
262 K at 180 GPa
Successful tuning of superconductivity in carbonaceous sulphur hydride
260 K at 130 GPa
Discovery of reddmatter, the first near-ambient-conditions superconductor
294 K at 1 GPa
Headshot of Professor Ranga Dias
Professor Ranga Dias
Chief Executive Officer

Discovered metallic hydrogen and room temperature superconductivity, two of the top three “holy grails” of Physics. He is a professor at the University of Rochester and an acclaimed expert in the field of quantum materials.

Headshot of Dr. Ran Salem
Dr. Ran Salem
Chief Technology Officer

An expert in quantum optics at Ben-Gurion University, seasoned team leader and manager of large scientific collaborations.

Headshot of Dr. Christian Childs
Dr. Christian Childs
Senior Scientist

Marine veteran and postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. As well as being a laser shock expert, he is also responsible for building some of the best labs in the world.

Headshot of Dr. Bo Zheng
Dr. Bo Zheng
Senior Scientist, Chemist

Synthesis chemist with expertise in nanomaterials, water splitting and light hydrogen production, utilising cutting edge techniques and practices to optimise the synthesis of superconducting materials.

Headshot of Dr. Frederick Laud Amoah-Darko
Dr. Frederick Laud Amoah-Darko
Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning expert building prediction models for producible superconducting materials.

Headshot of Dr. Sergio Villa Cortes
Dr. Sergio Villa Cortes
Research Scientist

Focused on studying superconducting properties, calculating structural, electronic, lattice dynamical, and electron-phonon coupling properties through Density Functional Theory.

Headshot of Chuck Chimera
Chuck Chimera
Research Design Engineer

Research design engineer with expertise in laser systems, semiconductor carrier dynamics and developing pioneering instrumentation.

Headshot of Nicholas Petras
Nicholas Petras
Operations Associate

Experienced in international procurement, as well as supporting with scaling company operations.

Headshot of Nugzari Khalvashi-Sutter
Nugzari Khalvashi-Sutter
Research Engineer

With a passion for hands-on experience and a background in researching superconductivity, bringing a unique combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge to his field of work.

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