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We are committed to pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding and harnessing the immense potential of new materials. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we strive to shape a future where innovation reigns supreme.

Nurse and patient using MRI machine of the future

Change life on Earth

We are working to bring the benefits of superconductors to people around the world. At a company focused on transformative technology, we need creative, innovative, curious and hard-working individuals. Our mission is big — and there’s room for you in it.

Scientist examining a circuit board

A diverse and inter­disciplinary team

We bring together people from different disciplines and backgrounds to our scientific challenge. Having a different background or point of view is something we value — the goal is to do the best work of our careers and create lasting change for the world we live in.

Skyline of the city of Rochester, NY

Rochester: a hub for innovation

Rochester, New York is a city with a rich heritage of scientific and technological progress. It is home to world-leading laboratories in optics and is close to excellent research centers in New York State and beyond. Rochester’s booming tech economy, vibrant culture, affordable cost of living, and high quality of life make it the perfect place to build your future — and the future of technology.

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